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Family shoots

Lovers shoots

no frills, no pressure, just your chaotic family being themselves. that's what makes a family a family and what you want to look back and see in the years to come. bloopers? 100% guaranteed

Hey YA

we belong together

hiring a photographer can sometimes feel like it's burning a hole in your wallet (that's the chat I've heard). but what people don't think about is how valuable these photos will be the next day, in ten years, twenty years, sixty years from now. you can't slap a price tag on that.

you are also investing in the photographer - trusting that they will show up, bring the energy, make you comfortable, get along with your friends and family and will deliver photos that connect with you!

it's an investment for a reason



FROM $3,500

say you wanT ME

FROM $1,500


did you know i have an awesome team mate?!

i can't shoot every wedding that pops into my inbox and this makes me SO sad. i'm the kinda person that suffers from really bad FOMO (ironic that i became a wedding photographer where i shoot almost every weekend and miss every single social event with my friends but lets ignore that). so, i wanted to add a super talented and fun loving photographer to my team who had a very similar shooting style and work ethic as myself. this way I can still be a part of your day even if i'm already booked.

Kristy was the perfect match for this job - she's fun, happy, loves love just as much as I do and SO freakin' talented.

how it works: Kristy shows up and captures your day, then passes all the images over to me to edit so it matches my style. it's like I was there - genius! if i'm unavailable for your date i will send you more information about this.

this beautiful images was captured by Kristy and edited by me

who is this fruit?

super friendly, kinda daggy, cannot contain excitement over golden light, loves the challenge of an awkward person, sometimes counts the letters in a sentence (wow really going deep here), has a toy story tattoo, loves michael scott, cold rock order is cookies'n'cream with nerds (don't knock it 'til you try it), extremely competitive but pretends not to be, annoyingly efficient - will sit and think of ways to be more efficient, will also waste 100 hours on pinterest, mumbles, bit of a tomboy, has a double chin 80% of the time, loves pictionary, hates articulate, wants to meet you!