who is this fruit?  

Alright here is the real shit  (or some of it anyway). You wanna know who the heck is this person who makes all these people look like they're having a BLOODY. GOOD. TIME. 

I am 35 but my love for boardgames, pranks and sprinkling milo+nerds onto my ice cream then mashing it up into a thickshake will have me sit around.... 10?

I am the fourth of five girls and we all grew up in a big, ugly brick house in Mackay around the corner from the beach. You can take the girl outta Mackay but ...

I moved to Brisbane to study Speech Pathology (finished the degree but only worked for 6 months before I leapt head first into wedding photography eeeep), travelled heaps with a random stint in Hong Kong, and now I'm exactly where I need to be - with a sandy front door step, waking up to views of the trees and living near the sea with the loves of my life - my husband Boyd, my daughter Elkie and our needy af toy poodle Eadie! YAY!

A crooked horizon in a photograph annoys me a lot, so does listening to someone eat on the phone.

Boyd (or affectionately known as B) and I married last year (2023) after being together for 7 years. He is genuine and loving and loyal and handsome and creative and a fellow North Queenslander (aye). It took us a whole 3 seconds to fall in love. Our little girl Elkie (affectionately known as Possum) is 3 years old and our world revolves around her. She's sensitive and funny, bossy and affectionate, super serious but loves some good fart humor. She's my clingy bestie.

I'm open minded, passionate and talk really fast. I also overshare wayyyyyy too much.

I'm super friendly. Drives one of my best mates wild because she will leave me for a second in Woolies, only to find me becoming besties with the old lady next to the tomatoes.

I have the most fantastic best friends from all walks of life, obsessed with my girls.

I love golden light, arm tickles, mexican food and hugs. I'll hug you. Probably tell you that you smell nice too.

Love observing people's mannerisms and I feel happy when people smile with their whole face.

I get a great thrill from scaring people. I find their reactions so damn hilarious - like nothing is funnier than this. But don't try and scare me, I hate that.

So g'day! I'm glad you're here and I would love to capture part of your story. xxx

super friendly, kinda daggy, cannot contain excitement over golden light, loves the challenge of an awkward person, sometimes counts the letters in a sentence (wow really going deep here), has a toy story tattoo, loves michael scott, extremely competitive but pretends not to be, annoyingly efficient - will sit and think of ways to be more efficient, will also waste 100 hours on pinterest, mumbles, bit of a tomboy, has a double chin 80% of the time, loves pictionary, hates articulate, wants to meet you!

Beautiful images of us by https://www.hayleywilliamsonphotography.com/