Miki + Steve // Rainbow Bay

November 11, 2019

Miki And Steve met while they were both travelling the world – Miki arrived at a hostel in Montenegro where Steve had snapped up a job. Apparently she was sweating like crazy and carrying her life on her back, and (as Steve’s version of events go) he couldn’t take his eyes off her! Miki’s still not quite convinced that he wasn’t really just alarmed by the state she was in, but laps up the flattery! However, it certainly wasn’t long after that Miki fell head over heels for him. She had booked to stay in Kotor, Montenegro, for 3 days – almost 3 weeks later they left together… and that’s how it all began! They now live in London, travelling often and headed back to the land down under for a few weeks to celebrate their wedding. This is when it was my turn to instantly fall in love with them! We shot their engagement session at the beach (they even threw each other into the ocean, but i guess these Londoners don’t classify our winter as cold) and they tied the knot a week later with an intimate ceremony at Mavis’s Kitchen. Their engagement shoot was actually off the charts for me – i think the only direction i gave was “could you just stand still for a quick second so i can get a shot of you both looking at the camera? Ok got it, you can go back to flirting and throwing each other around”.

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