Jess and Toni probably have the coolest first meeting story I’ve ever heard. They met when they were 13 years old at a Blue Light Disco. For those of you who don’t know what this is (sorry about that), it’s when all the schools in town are invited to the one big dance. There are police officers there (well, I think they were police officers but maybe they were volunteer parents dressed in uniform?!) walking around ensuring everyone had 30 centimeters between them. It was also probably the first time you were allowed to wear lip smacker – the Blue Light was a big deal.

Not only did they meet there, but they started dating soon after. At 13 years old. 

Fast forward 12 years and you’ll see the wedding below. Where Jess and Toni, who found each other during their childhood and grew up in love, married under the trees and danced the night away under the stars. 

The details:

Flowers: Florrific Flowers

Venue: The Old Station Teahouse 

Make Up: Bobby-Jo Ferris Make Up Artist

Decorations: either the bride’s DIY work or Beautiful Beach Weddings

Dress: Anna Dutton

Bridesmaid dresses: For Him and For Her

Suits: Connor

Flower girls: Mila Mojo Couture

Dog’s suits: Happy Dapper Dogs on Etsy