When I arrived at Gabbinbar Homestead I instantly fell in love. I drove down a winding driveway that was a photoshoot in itself. I then made my way across lush lawns underneath beautiful old trees and was greeted by friendly staff in a gorgeous homestead that looked like a Cluedo board had come to life. The scene was perfect. It was also a bonus that every part of the day was at this one location. I think I walked around photographing the place for half an hour before going and finding Carmel in the bridal retreat.

Carmel and Brett would have to be two of the most genuine people and knowing that there is a couple like them out there makes me smile. It also makes me incredibly happy that it was my sister, Jill, who told Carmel about me in a lab room at her work. I love how a little conversation like that can result in gorgeous clients and weddings like this.

Their day was very calm and beautiful which is to be expected at a venue like this. However after Carmel and Brett’s first dance, the ballroom floor went off with a few high kicks, some squats, and plenty of pirouettes. Okay, so maybe it was a handful of the guests doing crazy dance moves while everyone else was more tame but this wedding was definitely one for the blog. What a perfect day.

During the night Carmel told me her grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary was soon approaching, so requested a few extra special photos of them both. Carmel’s Pa didn’t know that she did this and I think he thought he was a bit of a rockstar as he always caught me sneaking photos of them. Since their day I’ve been in touch with Carmel and requested she find out what Gloria and Kenneth love most about each other after all these years.

So I will leave you with this…

Gloria loves Kenneth’s caring nature.
Kenneth loves Gloria’s tolerance when he is naughty.
They believe there is no secret to a long marriage. They married shortly after Gloria’s 18th birthday because “we wanted to, not because we had to”.

The details:

Ceremony and Reception: Gabbinbar Homestead, Toowoomba

Celebrant: Alan Morley 

Dress: ‘Mary’ by Augusta Jones from White Lily Couture, Milton

Jewelry: Roman and French (online)

Brett’s Suit: Hugo Boss

Hair: Leesha from Leesha’s Hair Design, Toowoomba

Makeup: Rachel from Glitterbomb Makeup Artistry, Toowoomba

Cake: Artisan Cake Couture, Toowoomba 

Flowers: Toowoomba Flower Market