I first met Bridget in the front yard of her parent’s house a few months ago. Bridget and her mum showed me around the property, explaining what was to go where, chatting in detail about the homemade favours and table centrepieces. I couldn’t help but grab Bridget’s arm and squeal with delight. This was going to be a goodie. 

I love weddings at the home. It almost feels like I’ve been invited into someone else’s Christmas – it has that chaotic, exciting, love in the air feeling. This backyard wedding is no different. Dad is hosing down the patio, mum is arranging tea cups, the bridesmaids and family friends are arranging chairs, plates, cutlery and silverware, the band’s arriving, the caterer’s are setting up, the sister’s (and mum and dad) are still making adjustments to the speeches all the while everyone is taking it in turns to get their hair and make up done. This also continued well into the night with the food being served like a giant family roast. Delicious plates of food were placed on every table, arms were being criss crossed as guests past around their own plates to ensure they got a bit of everything. I also believe it’s because of this vibe, and the fact that I’m in their home, I instantly felt welcomed and part of the organised chaos constructing this day (like painting Steve’s daughter’s fingernails because no one else was free at that moment). During dinner I took my break and found a quiet place inside the house to eat. Bridget’s dad came into the house looking for something and was shocked to see me sitting their alone. So when dessert was served awhile later he insisted I sit with them. So here I am, the photographer, sharing half a seat with one of their family friends and eating delicious pavlova at the parent’s table! Have I set the scene for this backyard wedding yet?!

While it’s easy to go on about the details of the day I better mention what the day is essentially about. Bridget and Steve and the love they have for each other was more obvious than the effort they put into their wedding. My favourite part of the day wasn’t actually about the amazing plates, the gorgeous flower arrangements, the air plants intertwined into the driftwood. It was every time Bridget became overwhelmed with emotions, Steve would look at her and give her the softest of smiles. 

The details: 

Flowers – Ebony Svaikauskas – Mackay Wedding Flowers

Food – Jodie Denning – Sweet Spot Bake Shoppe

Band – Off Da Railz

My Dress – Rosa Clara – Peter Trends Bridal

Tables/chairs/lights/plates/cutlery – Borrow My Bits

Marquee and glasses etc – Fiesta

Rings – MJS Jewelry (Bride’s engagement ring and band) Michael Hill for Groom’s band

Church Pews – Gargett CWA

Hair – Kristen Bramble – KB’s Hair boutique

Makeup – Majella McGowan – Majella Makeup

Suits – Rodger David

Bridesmaids Dresses – Sheike and Review

Bridesmaids Jewellery – Samantha Wills

Flower Girl Dresses – Etsy

Table decorations – My very talented mumsie

Invitations – Berry Inviting design