I find these things hard to write. How do I let you know about me in a few sentences? So I’ve decided that instead of explaining how I found my love for photography in some cliched way (I borrowed my mother’s camera on a holiday to Germany), how about I give you the real deal. Some raw facts on who I am as a person. I hope that reading this lets you get to know me better and you feel some kind of online connection to me.


I am 29 years old and was born into a big family where girl power rules (and sometimes it bloody drools)! I am the fourth of five girls and I take so much pride in my big family and everything it has taught me. All five of us sisters are very different in some aspects and then very similar in others, making each of us bond together in our own unique ways. We all grew up in a big brick house in Mackay, Queensland around the corner from the beach. I’m lucky that I get to go back home often for work.

I have my father’s sensitivity and my mothers creativity. I have my father’s affections and humour and my mother’s protectiveness and courage. I have my father’s uneven ears and squinty smile and my mother’s style. My parents are my favourite people in the whole world and I love that I can see a mix of them within myself.

I moved to Brisbane when I was 19. I spent 5 years studying Speech Pathology and I’m not doing a thing with it. Sometimes I say that if I had my time again I wouldn’t have done my degree, and maybe I might not have gone to university at all. But it was at college and university where I met some of the most wonderful people in my life. People who I now call my “forever friends”. Knowing them now, it’s hard to say I would change that.

A crooked horizon in a photograph annoys me a lot, so does listening to someone eat on the phone.

I am extremely punctual… it freaks me out. Sometimes I actually try to be late but that usually results in me arriving right on time.

My best friends are my shining armour.

I love thrifting! I can spend an entire day going from thrift shop to thrift shop. I love buying things that have a story.

I have a wonderful “super-power” of making people open up to me. I am also very trustworthy.


I feel the cold really easily but I still don’t own any warm clothes. I struggle through winter and embrace the warmer months with as many adventures as I can.

I love the sky right before sunrise and right after sunset. I also love picnics, road trips and guacomole.

Give me the ocean in any country and I feel at home.

My favourite animals are dogs and orang-utans. I also love whales, elephants, dolphins, penguins, turtles, horses, giraffes and zebras etc etc! Massive animal lover.

I love to hug.

I love observing people’s mannerisms and I feel happy when people smile with their whole face.

I get a great thrill from scaring people. I find their reactions so damn hilarious. But don’t try and scare me, I hate that.

I could spend an entire day on Pinterest looking at photographs and it not feel wasted. I could never do this with television. I find Pinterest and Instagram a big source of inspiration for me.

One day I hope to teach people what I know and mentor beginners. I often wished I had a mentor (and still do).

I love love. I often get a lump in my throat when I’m photographing weddings and I have cried a few times.

So hello, I’m glad you have found me and I would love to capture part of your story.